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    Singing Bowls

Joska Soos, a Hungarian shaman was a most remarkable shaman in the world. According to his opinion “Singing Bowl are very old, much older than Lamiasm. Scientfic research proves that the original bowls date from 2400 years before Christ.”

Singing Bowls are often known as Himalayan Singing Bowls or Chakra Bowls. Widely famous for meditation, sound healing, relaxation, sound massage,  sound therapy & personal well-being.

A wonderful Discovery

Singing Bowl

Alloy is a mixture of metal and other elements. Alloy of the Singing Bowls is a very controversial talk. Many local shops claim / talks about Seven alloy, extracted from seven astrological planets belief:

  1. Gold regarded as Sun.
  2. Iron regarded as Mars.
  3. Copper regarded as Venus.
  4. Mercury regarded as Mercury.
  5. Silver regarded as Moon.
  6. Lead regarded as Saturn.
  7. Tin regarded as Jupiter.

You need to play your Singing Bowl with something right?

Yes, the Mallet / Striker is a beautifully crafted equipment for your bowl.

It enables you to listen subtle and harmonic sounds.

Small and light Singing Bowls requires a mallet light-weight, to produce charming sound.

Your Singing Bowl can be scratched by a rough surface. We guess you don’t want it at all.

Yes! Placing genuine Cushion to your Singing Bowl is like giving an honor to the bowl. Settling the cushion especially a Ring cushion is a good way to keep the bowl from sliding around, producing excellent harmonious music.

Playing Technique

Around The Rim

How to play the Singing Bowls?

  • Grasp your Bowl on the palm of your preferred hand.
  • Now, Hold the mallet firmly on the other hand.
  • “Warm up” the bell by gentle tap of the mallet to the bowl.
  • With normal pressure, rub the mallet clockwise around the outer edge of the rim (Singing Bowl).
  • Still a problem? Watch a full guide video from a right side of the page.

Note: A good bowl performance is spoilt by playing or rubbing it too loudly!

Are you looking for recreation?

Let's do it!

The benefits of Singing Bowl is extraordinary. For instance, energy of sound produce from the Singing Bowls are found to be more relaxing. Due to alpha wave effect the bowls bring the left and right hemisphere into peace and harmony. The Singing bowl massage can effort against anxiety and nervous breakdown.

Another way to luxuriate the bowl is to sing ‘Aum’ / ‘Om‘, the sacred sound and important spiritual Hindu icon.

Let’s remember Naropa’s words “My Mind is the perfect Buddha, my speech is the perfect teaching, my body is the perfect spiritual community”

Remember: A good bowl performance is spoilt by playing or rubbing it too loudly!


Make a choice

Nepalese Handmade Singing Bowl

  • Bhaktapur Nepalese handmade
  • Antique Cobra Handmade
  • Antique Thado Karma Handmade
  • Divine Lingam handmade
  • Double Carving Buddha
  • Avalokiteshvara Mantra Etching Carving Handmade
  • Conch Etching Handmade
  • Special Antique Handmade
  • Local Antique Handmade
  • Himalayan Hand Beaten
  • Five Buddha Dice Double Carving
  • Om Endless Knot Itching Carving
  • Hand Beaten Nepalese Singing Bowl
  • ……………….. more ………………..

Tibetan Singing Bowl

  • Avalokiteshvara Mantra Tibetan
  • Conch with Om Tibetan Etching
  • Bajra Endless Knot Tibetan Etching Mantra
  • Endless Knot Tibetan Itching Mantra
  • Om Tibetan Itching Mantra
  • ……………….. more ………………..