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Nepalese Singing Bowl

Plain Shining Chakra Prayers
Hand Beaten Singing Bowl - Nepalese Handicraft
Red cushion - Nepalese Handicraft
Singing Bowl Mallet - Nepalese Handicraft
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Plain Shining Chakra Prayers

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Singing Bowl Cushion and Mallet are included.


Singing Bowl Cushion and Mallet are included.


Available Product Size(cm) / App. Weight(gm)

9 cm  260 gm
11 cm  425 gm
13 cm  725 gm
15 cm  950 gm
 17 cm  1500 gm

Plain Shining Chakra Prayers Nepalese Singing Bowl

Nepalese traditional art in Singing Bowl as always been a fascination for the world. The oldest Nepalese traditional art works can be traced to the 6th century A.D.  Joska Soos was a most remarkable shaman in the world. According to his view Singing bowl are very old and much older than Lamaism. Even Scientific research proves that the original bowls date from 2400 years before Christ.

This Singing Bowl Alloy consists of 5 metals. Copper, Tin, Zinc, Iron and Lead.

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