We can see seven offering bowls placed on the alter in every monastery or “chhoisam”. It is quiet often that these seven bowls represents the seven limbs of the human being.Seven limbs stands for seven organs.People should practiced in purifying negative tendencies.It is believe that the seven bowls which is placed should not be touched with each other.However, if it is touched then it augurs mentally dull and at the time of pouring water into the bowl one should not speak to keep aloof from defilement.Apart from this,the next significance of these seven bowls it follows respectively that first one represent drinking and rinsing mouth,second for washing the feet,third fresh flower represents the custom of presenting a holy guest with a flower for her adornment.Fourth one represents the illumination of wisdom.Sixth bowl contains rose water for refreshing the face and the brest. Last one contains delicious food for the honored guest.

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