• An instrument which summons the Spirits & Dieties.

    Bells and Bajra

Playing as the Singing Bowl?

Bells and Dorje

Hmm. Isn’t it amazing! The Nepalese traditional art in bronze and copper has always been an attraction for the world. The historic art works date as far back to the 6th century AD.

A Ghanta (Bell) is a symbol of Wisdom and purpose, considered as a female aspect of energies. A Dorje (Thunderbolt) is a symbol of the male aspect. The Sanskrit define it as unbreakable or impregnable. Or durable and eternal.

The set is used in Hinduism & Buddhism as Ritual Objects for worshiping. This ritual instrument summons the spirits and dieties in the same way as tingshaws. The sound of the bell is also seen as an offering to the Buddha. Particulary made of bronze, some of it can be found with silver as well. Sound produce by bell is not strong as Singing Bowl (It has different purposes).

In Pujas (prayer services) the bell and dorje are held in the mudras (the ritual gestures).

Encircle the bell (As in Shamanism): play the Bell along a Mallet producing beautiful harmonic sound.